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016 | screencaps | smash - season one

9110 caps in total | JPG | 1280x720 | HD

1 1 1
1 1 1
1 1 1
1 1 1
1 1 1

Downloads (MF)

comments are ♥ || please credit if you like or take anything || watch and/or join community || enjoy!
Tags: tv: smash, type: screencaptures
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I have been looking for HD (or any at all, at this point) Smash caps forever.
This is fantastic.
thank you!
YESSSS ♥ this is great,thank you so much for sharing :)
you're welcome! enjoy :)
Oh, I love you! I've been looking all over for good caps. Taking everything, thank you so much! :)
enjoy! :)
Omg, thank you so much for these!!
you're welcome!
Grabbing these, will credit :) Thank you!
Thank you for these! I'll make sure to credit if I use them :)
This is fantastic! At first I was afraid all 9110 caps were in one zip because I'm tired and not thinking straight, lol. But thanks for the easy to download zips!
I've been looking for HD caps for this show all over the place. I'm so glad you have these! Thank you for posting them.